Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cutting the Forms

The first step in transferring the patterns to wood is to check that your photocopier isn't stretching the image. Once I found a copier that was true, I made a copy of the drawing for every form (52 in total).

This time I used 8.5"x11" sticky back labels on Baltic Birch plywood, rather than gluing the forms onto G1S (good one side) plywood. Baltic Birch plywood has very thin laminations that are thoroughly bonded, and the surface is very smooth on both sides. It is sold in 60"x 60" sheets. I purchased 3/8" for the forms and 3/4" for the strong-back. My experience so far is proving that this product is superior to structural plywood by far, and is well worth the cost, especially if you intend to use your form more than once.

Using a bandsaw for cutting out the forms was sheer luxury after the jigsaw method of my last project.

Finally I have all the bow and stern sections cut out. There is something very satisfying about seeing all the forms line up like this!
The end form protrudes from the center of what will become the strongback. I formed the V in the bottom with a power plane, but a belt sander works just as well, especially on Baltic Birch.

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