Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This time it really worked....

After re-making the plug I cast another mold form. Finally I am happy. There are a few pinholes to fill and I have to mount it onto a base plate before I can use it, but it's the right shape this time. The inner face of the splash board is part of the mold too, which is much better than the original plan.

You can see by the flowers that spring has finally arrived. Temps are creeping back toward 30deg Celsius. The project is moving back outdoors for the next phase - carbon fiber!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

2nd Plug

Yesterday I rebuilt the plug and checked the dimensions. Much better. I built plug forms for the splash boards too and figured out how to support them solidly in position so now the entire mold will be cast all at once. I am much happier with this arrangement.

By then end of the day I my legs were tired from shuffling sideways like a crab up and down the narrow hallway working on the deck. I was counting my blessings though, as a cold wind was howling outside and there is no way I could have worked on it this weekend without having set up in our rental house.

This morning I worked on the hard seams - by that I mean the acute transitions between surfaces that are awkward to lay up using a single piece of cloth. I had the idea to use cloth and epoxy to make these transitions (duh...what a simple idea!), which I can make as smooth as possible before I cast the mold. I will use release agent on these sections to ensure that they don't stick permanently to the mold when I do finally cast it. Here are a few pics before I get ready for the big family dinner tonight. BTW - besides Easter, it is Rick's and my 30th anniversary of movin' in together! Cheers, Honey!

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Two strokes forward, one stroke back

Timing is everything. Yesterday I took the seat slides and foot-stretcher tracks that I had removed from my old double and set them into the new boat, along with the rigger from My Escape. I wanted to use the visual props to double check all the rigging locations before I proceeded with building the splash board forms. Damn. The seat deck is too far back, and not just a little....six whole inches. That is to say, I built what I had drawn, but the drawing had a design flaw. When she's rigged it would be impossible to get my hips in line with the pins in the catch position, which is more compressed than I'm used to at the catch, but is recommended for high performance.

I sat down with the drawing... again. The position of the pins is critical. Everything relates to that. That nice mold that I built....I took a knife to it.

I pieced the mold back together with duct tape to mock up the correct positions and sat back to analyze whether I'd got it right. If only I had done that exercise when I had the plug formed before I laid the cloth up. Ouch. Lesson learned the hard way.

Today's job: rework the plug and recheck the rigging again. On the bright side, I think I've come up with a way to make the hard corner transitions in the mold surface better than before. Simple idea.... I guess that's the benefit of doing it twice.