Sunday, June 14, 2009

Test Strips

This was a test of the strip inlay method, and for cutting strips on the bandsaw. While I was happy with the 'look', I was not happy with the quality of the strips, nor the finickiness of fitting for each individual piece in this puzzle.

This effort is likely to end up in the fire-pit. Some days are productive, some aren't.


  1. hmmm...I've actually posted a comment or two before that have not appeared...Also, I've subscribed as a follower and I'm not sure that that's worked either...Either my account isn't allowing me to join/comment or perhaps my connection isn't that good here in Penticton...
    Anyways - fantastic project!

  2. Thanks Court! Nice to hear from you! I'm new to this blog thing so I don't know if I'm supposed to activate comments somehow. Hey...I'm a boat-builder, not a computer nerd. I hope to see you and the family drop by, ANYtime. Cheer, S