Monday, August 3, 2009

BC (Boat Construction?) Day Long Weekend

Got all the strips laid on the stern deck, ready for sanding and fairing.

Sanded with 80grit, 100grit, and finally 220grit using a fairing board.

Sealing with a coat of epoxy. This stops the cedar from drawing all the epoxy out of the cloth when it is laid.

2nd coat of epoxy on 3oz cloth. I wasn't sure if this cloth would be heavy enough, but I was really happy working with it.

Epoxy and glass curing on the stern deck. Thankfully it wasn't as hot today. Temps have been over 30deg C (about 100deg F), which is too hot for working resin.
Now to get to work finishing the strips on the bow deck!

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  1. Beeeautiful rich color combo, especially when varnished. It looks good enough to eat -- like a gourmet chocolate truffle!