Monday, September 21, 2009

Pop the hull off! First look.

This weekend was spent attaching the splashboards and laying the glass on the outside of the hull. Today I could pop her off the form. What a thrill! I need a scale, but I reckon the hull is between 6 and 8lbs, so with the 2 decks, the boat is currently still under 10lbs.

First look at how she'll shape up.

I'm happy.


  1. yaHOOOOO! She looks beautiful. I am very impressed. K

  2. Very beautiful! I'm always mesmerized with the natural wood look. Have you tried single-layer veneer with Kevlar for the hull & milling ribs & stringers for carbon-fiber rods? You'd be amazed at the weight savings. Really beautiful boat, though! I love her! Well, maybe not as much as mine or you love her but still... I'm looking forward to following your blog!