Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wake up call

The strangest thing happened while I was working on my boat yesterday. It was a long weekend laying strip after strip after strip on the hull. As soon as I finished placing a strip at one end of the boat, I'd move to the other end and lay another strip somewhere else. By the time I'd attacked all the areas where I could work, the glue would have dried in the starting spot, and I'd start the whole circuit again. Row by row the strips were creeping up the forms.

About half-way through the third day I happened to glance down the length of the strong back and was suddenly shocked! There was a BOAT! It wasn't just a form with some strips on it! It wasn't the potential for a boat. It WAS a boat! Suddenly she yelled out to me, "I'm here! Get me off this thing and take me to the water!!"

Now that she's come to life she is pushing me toward completion. Ahhh.... this is going to be a wonderful friendship.

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