Sunday, April 4, 2010

2nd Plug

Yesterday I rebuilt the plug and checked the dimensions. Much better. I built plug forms for the splash boards too and figured out how to support them solidly in position so now the entire mold will be cast all at once. I am much happier with this arrangement.

By then end of the day I my legs were tired from shuffling sideways like a crab up and down the narrow hallway working on the deck. I was counting my blessings though, as a cold wind was howling outside and there is no way I could have worked on it this weekend without having set up in our rental house.

This morning I worked on the hard seams - by that I mean the acute transitions between surfaces that are awkward to lay up using a single piece of cloth. I had the idea to use cloth and epoxy to make these transitions (duh...what a simple idea!), which I can make as smooth as possible before I cast the mold. I will use release agent on these sections to ensure that they don't stick permanently to the mold when I do finally cast it. Here are a few pics before I get ready for the big family dinner tonight. BTW - besides Easter, it is Rick's and my 30th anniversary of movin' in together! Cheers, Honey!

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